Knowledge is the mother of invention


Intellectual property is capital of priceless value. This is why it’s important that your idea remains your own. The WORLDFACTORY team is familiar with patents and other intellectual property rights. We help you to determine the potential of your invention and its uniqueness, provide you with comprehensive information and support you from the initial idea to the registration of the invention.

Our services:

  • Personalised information and training on the subject of patents and marketing
  • Advice and support from the initial idea to the submission of the invention to the university
  • Support with patent database searches

For the evaluation and marketing of inventions, we work together with PROvendis, a service provider for patent management and evaluation for universities and start-ups. Make an appointment for personal consultation!

When time is of the essence…

Are you studying at RUB or are you employed here? If you already have an invention and want to secure it at short notice, create an invention disclosure now. Please fill out the form in full and send it to the contact on the right side with the signatures of all parties involved. This is where you will find out how to turn brains into capital.


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Dr. Nils Elsner

Patents Consultancy