Knowing what start-ups need

Competent support from the business plan to market entry

When your head is full of ideas, your thoughts sometimes go round and round. That’s when an outsider’s perspective is valuable for setting the course for a successful start-up, pulling the brakes or putting the pedal to the metal at the right moment.

Do you have an idea of how you want to start your own business and would like a first well-founded assessment?

Have you obtained interesting results in a research project for which there seems to be a market?

Do you already have a clearly outlined business concept, but lack the courage to take the first steps?

Wherever you are: the WORLDFACTORY offers you free expert advice and support throughout the entire start-up process – from the business model, through funding opportunities to patent law issues. 

So: What enterprise can we help you with?

Start-up consultancy

Every start-up is different – that’s why we provide personalised assistance to each team on its path. Our consulting is based on Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas model; it allows the potential of a business idea to be examined early on and in a structured way, based on key factors such as problem, solution and unique selling proposition. It can also be used to prepare funding applications, pitch decks (short presentations of business plans) quickly and independently. We have added the field of “team” to the classic model, as we believe it is an essential factor for success.

If you still lack certain start-up skills, you can acquire them in our events or in individual consultations with experts from the field. Your coaches will support you!

More information is available here.

WORLDFACTORY start-up mentoring 

A person who has been through the start-up process knows best what they are talking about. That’s why we bring our start-ups into contact with mentors. The exchange makes it possible for you to mirror your own business model and benefit from real-world experience.

Our mentoring programme provides precise support in the respective start-up phase and allows a great deal of freedom in shaping the mentoring relationship. It begins with the matching of the teams and extends through workshops and networking events to the final evaluation at the official end of the programme.

More information is available here.


(types of capital/support programmes)

Your business model is ready, maybe even your business plan, but you don’t have enough capital? Testing and developing an idea can cost a lot of money. But that shouldn’t deter you, because there are a wide variety of funding programmes for start-ups – from uncomplicated support from your own university to state-run funding programmes. And if none of the programmes suits you or if you want to enter the market very quickly, there are other forms of financing. We’ll be happy to advise you!

More information about funding options for your idea is available here.


Developing something unique, changing the world with an idea: that’s what many people dream of. When the dream actually comes true and the invention is ready for the market, the question is: How do I protect my idea? The WORLDFACTORY offers you comprehensive support and advice on patents and other intellectual property – so that your idea remains yours! Our services include:

  • Individual information and training on patents and marketing
  • Advice and support from the idea to registering the invention with the university
  • Support with patent database searches

More information is available here.


Our toolbox contains material that we use in our start-up consultancy. You can take a look at the Lean Canvas and get help for creating target groups or for the perfect pitch.

More information is available here.


Are you a creative mind and need someone who can juggle numbers? Research is your strength, but you need support for marketing and sales? You can search for suitable co-founders free of charge on the university job portal „Stellenwerk“. Simply post a job ad in the “Who founds with you?” category. If you send us the ad, we will look for suitable candidates in our network or share it in our newsletter.

By the way: Many contacts and even business partnerships are formed at our events for potential company founders and at our networking events: