The perfect climate
for start-ups

The WORLDFACTORY’s ecosystem fosters the spirit of innovation

While the term “ecosystem” originates in the field of ecology, symbiotic communities of different organisms do not only exist in nature: In order for the tender little plant of innovation to grow, it needs a good breeding ground, the right climate and the proper care. A healthy ecosystem for start-ups promotes the spirit of innovation, it creates solid bonds and strengthens the success of young companies. 

“Thanks to the WORLDFACTORY network, we were able to participate in professional coaching for a pitch and convince the jury.”

-- Alex Ruppert from JungleLeaves

“The WORLDFACTORY network is huge and the willingness to provide genuine and authentic support is great.”

-- Jennifer Carmen Kubistin from Movimientos Auténticos

“Through the WORLDFACTORY we managed to expand our network in a very short time.”

-- Constantin Soffner from Who Moves

To create a start-up-friendly environment, actors from the most diverse backgrounds work together under the umbrella of the WORLDFACTORY: Committed professionals from the fields of mentoring, consulting and academia work hand in hand with innovative start-ups to create a diverse ecosystem in the region and for the region – a climate in which start-ups thrive!



They serve as role models, pave the way and share joys and sorrows with potential founders: the spin-offs of the WORLDFACTORY constitute the most important pillar of the ecosystem. There is nothing as helpful as the exchange with people who have successfully founded a company and remain loyal to the WORLDFACTORY – even if they have long since fledged. Here you will find portraits of our start-up teams, individual tips and inspiration.

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Sometimes you have to change your perspective to see the sky once again. The WORLDFACTORY mentors contribute new points of view and thought-provoking impulses, practical experience and foresight. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a sales guru or a production professional – you are sure to find the right expertise for your start-up project. Mentoring can not only open eyes, but also doors to a wide variety of industries and fields.

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The term is a neologism made up of RUB and entrepreneur. And that says it all, because RUBpreneurs are people at Ruhr-Universität Bochum who are committed to the idea of entrepreneurship and are enthusiastic about it: employees of the WORLDFACTORY, as well as teachers, researchers and students of the university. They share their knowledge, networks and infrastructure in order to provide the best possible support for potential founders and already active start-ups.

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