Treasure troves for the whole family

Treasure troves for the whole family
Alex Babicz

“Funkentruhe” creates unforgettable experiences for the whole family. The Bochum-based start-up offers interactive adventure boxes on various topics for primary school children and their parents. Each box contains materials and texts to playfully inspire children and strengthen the bond between parents and child – for more precious family time!

Alex, what do you think are the advantages of a start-up? 
Following a start-up, you can work autonomously and realise your own idea. As a founder, you are responsible for the success of your start-up and learn a lot during the process. 

What were the main hurdles in the start-up process? 
Since you are fully responsible for yourself, you have to practice self-discipline and courage at the same time. The process can be scary and cause insecurities, which is why I think a good network is essential. 

Do you have any tips for you fellow founders?  
Keep working on yourself, trust in yourself and look for supporters in moments of doubt. 


  • Gründerstipendium NRW, winner of the Santander Entrepreneurial Idea Competition