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Using water resources sustainably with AI

Using water resources sustainably with AI
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Environmental Economics
Dr.-Ing. Henning Oppel, Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Mewes

The start-up Okeanos is digitizing the water industry with innovative data-driven approaches. For this purpose, the team develops AI-based products at the interface between environmental and anthropogenic processes to solve water-related problems. With the help of Start-up Transfer.NRW funding, the two founders transferred the results of their PhD into the foundation of Okeanos in 2019.

What are the advantages of a start-up?
The freedom to realize your own ideas, to build a team and to follow a path from the first idea to the finished product are the biggest plus points of a start-up.

What were the main hurdles in the start-up process?
Our target municipal market is a major barrier to entry. Although the industry is not dependent on the economic cycle, the widespread tendering business in particular presents difficulties for young companies without a long order history.

Do you have any tips for you fellow founders?
- Team building is very important.
- Find coaches who understand your market and your idea.
- Development customers in your local area are very valuable.


  • EFRE Startup.Transfer 05/2020 - 10/2021
  • KUER.NRW (3rd place)
  • CET Dortmund (4th place)