Pirate Skills

The fine art of marketing

The fine art of marketing
Ben Sufiani

Marketing can be a powerful driver for a brand or a company. The key is to master the methods. “Pirate Skills” provides structured methods and in-depth knowledge of the world of marketing. In workshops, participants learn how to build landing pages optimised for target groups, how to work professionally with analytics tools and how to develop successful advertising campaigns, to name but a few. 

Ben, what do you think are the advantages of a start-up? 
Once you have set up a business, you are the player and no longer the pawn. You are in control of your success, but you also have to deal with all the consequences. Your own business protects you from personal liability and at the same time allows you to design your life the way you – and not your boss – want it. With your business, you can have a much greater positive impact in the world than you can on your own, because it allows you to recruit and organise supporters and fellow campaigners for your goals.

What were the main hurdles for you? 
Every entrepreneur must learn to live with the fact that there is no shortage of bureaucracy. Monthly turnover tax, annual accounts, salary slips... there’s a lot of paperwork. Oh yes, and customers may not be interested in your product at all. Fortunately, you decide yourself whether you want to change your target group or your product.

Do you have any tips for you fellow founders? 

  1. Do it! Don’t follow the beaten track. There are already plenty of others doing just that, who will end up working for you.  
  2. Don’t live beyond your means. Enjoy the time when you are satisfied with a modest standard of living. Your business will survive much longer that way. 
  3. Consider anyone you give even one percent of a say in your business as if you were marrying them. Except it has more pitfalls than marriage. 
  4. Enjoy the ride!