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Process optimisation in real estate transactions

Process optimisation in real estate transactions
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Software as a Service/Real Estate
Julian Taleb, Andre Reimann, Judith Fuchs

With its RateEstate software, retab-group GmbH offers process optimisation, starting with the analysis and ending with the purchase of residential real estate. All it takes is entering the address of the property to get information on its economic aspects as well as its location: risk forecasts for extreme events in the centimetre range, ROI of solar systems for the usable roof area, real-time traffic calculations, vacancy rates, value development and much more; in short: everything that affects the home or the investment at the click of a button. With the portfolio management function, various criteria can be applied in order to monitor and filter large portfolios and upgrade them with suitable purchases or sales.

What are the advantages of a start-up?
With a start-up, you have the opportunity to implement your ideas and to work with complete autonomy.

What were the main hurdles?
The main hurdle was the red tape surrounding the funding programmes and the incorporation of the company. We needed a lot of additional liquidity to tide us over, as such things take a long time (in Germany).

Do you have any tips for your fellow founders?
Starting a business and moving through the different phases is always a bureaucratic affair. Familiarise yourself early enough with the business realities and the usual procedures of the phases.


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