Design it yourself!

Design it yourself!
Oktober 2018
Lena Halbedel and Florian Krohm

Off-the-peg furniture? No thanks! In the “Stadtteilfabrik” in Essen, individuality is the key. Whether it’s a bar stool or a shelf: the young start-up team demonstrates the art of urban furniture production in workshops and offers its own sustainable furniture collection.

Lena and Florian, what are the advantages of a start-up?
One advantage is being your own boss and pursuing your personal interests. You also get the opportunity to actively improve social structures and mindsets. Nowhere else do you have such a direct influence.

What were the main hurdles in the start-up process?
There is no plan that guarantees a start-up will work out. You have to gain experience and learn how to make the best decisions. That’s both the hard and the great thing about starting up. There is nothing that will make you grow faster.

Do you have any tips for you fellow founders?
A start-up is most rewarding when there is a “social impact”” behind the business concept. We’ve also made excellent experiences with individual coaching sessions that are linked to clear goals and specific tasks.


  • Vonovia Creative Lab Grant
  • AndersGründer Grant (Social Impact Lab)
  • Funding by the Economic Development Agency of the City of Essen
  • Funding by the Kulturbüro of the City of Essen
  • Florian: EU Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Grant
  • 2 x IKF funding from the NRW State Ministry for Culture and Science