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From Top-Level Science to Top-Level Business


ZEMOS 0.17 + 0.19, Universitätsstr. 150, 44780 Bochum
Target group
Scientists, Studierende, Inquisite Minds
Ideas and Opportunities
The seminar will be hold in english.


09.10. - 29.01.2024: 16:00 o'clock – 18:00 o'clock

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You are studying chemistry or any other natural sciences and are interested in the topic of business start-ups? Or are you a PhD student researching an exciting topic and would like to transfer your scientific findings into practice? Then you should not miss the seminar "From Top Level Science to Top Level Business" (5CP)!

The module pursues the general goal of sensitising students and doctoral students of chemistry and related, similarly basic science degree programmes to a possible business start-up. To this end, the students are not only provided with basic knowledge on how to start a business, but also with tools to first develop an idea of a business model that suits their specific professional and/or methodological skills and to identify ways to master the transfer from science to practice. Personal experience reports by successful founders, who all have a strong background in basic research at the RUB, additionally provide vivid practical reports as "role models" in personal contributions. In addition to these practical reports, the participants benefit from the involvement of experts from different disciplines, such as customer interviews or pitching, who convey content in an application-oriented manner and enable the students to apply it independently. International external experts also help the participants to broaden their horizons.

The module is intended for students from the 5th semester onwards in the Bachelor's and Master's degree in addition to doctoral students, but without exclusion criteria. Previous knowledge, especially in business administration or corporate law, is explicitly not required.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the module:

  • students develop business ideas using different creativity techniques
  • design their ideas using different prototyping methods
  • understand how to define target groups
  • select appropriate methods for customer interviews
  • students master the presentation technique of pitching

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