Is your project in a field that requires a lot of expertise? Then you’ve come to the right place! The WORLDFACTORY network has people with whom you can discuss and develop your project. In the specialist Incubators, you will find expertise from different fields of knowledge and an excellent infrastructure that you can use for your work.

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Female Academic Entrepreneurs

FACE@RUB is a platform for female students and early career researchers interested in starting a business. Here, you can exchange ideas with like-minded people, network with experienced founders and talk to experts

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– a science in itself 

What are the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs? Which skills do they need? And how can these knowledge, skills and personality traits be nurtured and assessed? The WORLDFACTORY’s “Entrepreneurship Education” team focuses on these questions, because entrepreneurship is a science in itself that needs to be researched, taught and learned.

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Knowledge and technology transfer

The WORLDFACTORY bridges the gap between research and application. After all, society can only benefit if knowledge and new technologies find their way into practice. Would you like to exchange ideas with RUB researchers or contribute your practical experience to current research and teaching? We’d be happy to get you in touch with each other. Perhaps it would lead to a collaboration under the umbrella of the WORLDFACTORY.

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Team-Spaces & Co-Working

UFO provides rooms, technical equipment and networking for potential founders. “Together you work less alone”, thought those people at Ruhr-Universität Bochum who opened a co-working space in the Uni-Forum Ost (UFO) in 2016. The collaborative concept is bearing fruit: it fosters creativity, the development of networks and the courage to present and refine ideas.

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The WORLDFACTORY boasts a huge experimentation area in the O-Werk – with workshops for a wide range of materials, digital workshop and electronics lab, prototyping lab and creative space with VR, photo and film studio. Here, you can optimise your product and even make it into a mini-series. By the way, the RUB-Makerspace also offers room for co-working and presentations. Turn it into a launch pad for your start-up!

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