Open space for ideas

The RUB Makerspace is where projects and prototypes are created

Ideas must not just be imagined, they must also be put into practice. The RUB Makerspace on the MARK 51°7 technology campus is being set up as a unique place for teaching and experimentation. In the former Opel administration building, students from all disciplines will soon have the opportunity to put their (start-up) ideas into practice. The 1,800 m² development space marks the change from (coal and steel) industry to a knowledge-based start-up culture.

The RUB Makerspace is one of the largest academic teaching and experimentation spaces in Germany. This is where innovative prototypes will be developed. This is where practice-oriented teaching formats will become a reality. This is where the boundaries between science and industry will be broken down.

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Equipment of the RUB Makerspace
The Makerspace equipment will open up almost unlimited possibilities:
  • state-of-the-art metal construction and woodworking workshop  
  • digital and design lab for working with circuit board and sensor technology, robotics, 3D printers, laser cutters, media or textile technology  
  • film and photo studio including VR and AR applications
  • specialist areas for surface and plastics processing, screen printing, casting technology, food, software and coding training, etc.
  • project rooms for seminars and group work
  • large co-working and event spaces 
Digital lab for startups
The services will be aimed at different target groups:
  • students who would like to try out (start-up) ideas
  • lecturers looking for praxis-oriented and networking opportunities
  • companies interested in receiving new impulses from research
  • representatives from business and politics
  • in the future also all interested parties from the region
Prototyping at the Makerspace
New knowledge is created through creative experimentation, interdisciplinary practice and active exchange. The RUB Makerspace makes many things possible, for example
  • developing new products and prototypes
  • working together in teams
  • creative development and networking with like-minded people
  • learning and testing new technologies in workshops
  • providing and attending practical teaching formats
  • experiencing inspiring events and people


There are currently no events.


Portrait Guido Kissenbeck
Guido Kissenbeck



Portrait Guido Kissenbeck
Guido Kissenbeck


Portrait Dirk Hansmeier
Dirk W. Hansmeier

General Manager Makerspace
- Parental leave -

Portrait Florian Krohm-Brauckmann
Florian Krohm

Acting Manager Makerspace

Portrait Dietmar Krukowski
Dietmar Krukowski

Workshop Management Metal Workshop & Security

Portrait Anna-Lena Zinnhardt
Anna-Lena Zinnhardt

Workshop Management Wood Workshop

[Translate to English:] Porträt Elena Blazquez
Elena Blazquez

Workshop Management Textile Laboratory

Portrait Tim Höink
Tim Höink

Workshop Management Media Laboratory


The Makerspace is located in the O-Werk on Mark 51°7. You can find all information on how to get there here.