Team Spaces and Co-Working

Rooms, technical equipment and networks for budding start-ups

Joining forces, meeting, brainstorming, networking, presenting and developing ideas together with others: WORLDFACTORY start-up teams can do all of this in our team and co-working spaces in Uni-Forum Ost (UFO for short), at O-Werk in Mark 51°7 and in the city centre of Bochum. 

Team spaces and co-working in UFO

Are you a student, researcher or lecturer at RUB looking for rooms for team meetings, seminars and conferences? UFO offers you the opportunity to use its co-working space or one of the team spaces for these purposes. The co-working space can accommodate up to 76 people. The three team spaces are available for groups of up to eight, ten or twelve people. There are lockers for work materials and a kitchenette.

Office space at O-Werk

Are you part of a WORLDFACTORY start-up team and looking for free office space? On 1 April 2022, four offices will become available free of charge at O-Werk in Mark 51°7. They offer space for three to four people each on the first floor of the former Opel administration building and are located in the immediate vicinity of our RUB Makerspace (ground floor O-Werk). They are fully equipped with chairs, desks, shelves and two whiteboards. You can also use the open kitchenette and the baby changing facilities on the ground floor. For client meetings or brainstorming sessions, you will have access to the CEIT conference room, with whom you share the floor. In addition, you will have your own mailbox at O-Werk, so that you can register a business address there even after you have set up your company. The office space is available for six months at a time. Once the term is up, you can apply for an extension.


Impressions from the O-WERK

Offices in the city centre of Bochum

Are you part of a WORLDFACTORY start-up team of at least three members and looking for office space? Feel free to submit an application for free office space in the Bochum Funkhaus to us and the Bochum Economic Development Agency. The fully equipped offices are located in the city centre and offer space for up to four people. Funkhaus also has meeting rooms and spacious communal facilities, including a roof terrace and a spacious cooking and dining area. This is where the start-ups and digital companies in the building meet to network and exchange ideas. The teams of the incubator WERK X from Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung are some of your helpful neighbours. You can use the meeting rooms for team meetings and brainstorming sessions or to invite and welcome important partners.


Impressions from the Funkhaus




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Team Spaces Funkhaus Bochum

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Team Spaces O-Werk

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Team Spaces UFO