A matter of progress

Incubator Materials promotes innovations in materials science

In medical technology or the automotive industry, in textiles or the food industry: technical progress always needs new materials and substances that are precisely tailored to the respective application. Their application is as diverse as our lives. Innovations in the field of materials science not only bring economic success; they can also contribute to environmental protection and improve our quality of life.  

Are you on the trail of a material science phenomenon? It doesn’t matter if it’s an idea for a product or a service acquired through cutting-edge research, as even “low-tech” ideas can have a huge impact. 



Our team of interdisciplinary experts, together with the central WORLDFACTORY team, are at your side when you start your business.



Portrait Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ludwig
Prof.Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ludwig

Sub-project Management Incubator Materials

Portrait Tina Boes
Tina Boes

Start-up Coach


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