Expanding the Network and the Horizon

Going to Japan and North America with WORLDFACTORY international 

How do start-ups work on the other side of the world? What does the innovation landscape look like in North America or Japan? What spin-off trends and new ideas do they have? The annual delegation trip of WORLDFACTORY international provides an opportunity for individual insights, exchange and the expansion of global networks.

A group of people at an international start-up event

Who is invited?

  • start-ups 
  • researchers interested in start-ups and applications
  • start-up consultants
  • start-up coaches in the Incubators
  • other opinion leaders and facilitators in the WORLDFACTORY
Female founder working at a laptop

What are the objectives?

  • building relationships with international start-up experts and universities with a strong commitment to start-ups  
  • exchange of best practice models  
  • establishing collaborative projects such as joint events and teaching programmes
  • supporting start-ups in their internationalisation  
  • boosting the international visibility of Ruhr-Universität and the city of Bochum as a location for start-ups


Our networking trip to North America in 2021

Due to the pandemic, our first networking trip will be to North America will take place online. Assisted by Business Metropole Ruhr, we invite start-ups, any RUB actors interested in start-ups and the start-up ecosystem of the Ruhr Area to get to know the North American start-up ecosystem. In the course of six events, we will network with North American start-up experts and universities with a strong commitment to start-ups, and we will also have the opportunity to convince North America’s innovation drivers of the strengths of RUB, the city of Bochum and the region as a location for innovative transfer and start-up projects.


Innovation Bridge North America - Creating Innovation Networks