Successful start-ups!

An app that helps students save money; a sensor that reports how much rubbish is in the bin; trendy bags that please the eye and the environment: the business ideas of the WORLDFACTORY teams are as diverse as the founders themselves. Here you can browse through start-up portraits and learn more about the colourful start-up scene, where nothing is impossible.  

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Why Mentoring?

You don’t yet know how, but you definitely want to do something exciting with your life and make a difference in the process? Let your entrepreneurial spirit give you wings! A trusted person with a lot of entrepreneurial experience and expertise will provide the necessary reality check. “Matching” is the process used by the WORLDFACTORY to bring together start-up teams with the right mentors.

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Is the start-up scene really as cool as you think? Drop by and see for yourself. The WORLDFACTORY events are not only about business plans, market potential and forms of funding; people also meet here for breakfast with an interesting keynote speech or for a creative workshop on new business ideas. You’re very welcome to come in and have a look around!

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Entrepreneurship and university – are they a good match? Universities are no longer ivory towers. Today, they are more committed than ever to preparing bright minds from academia for an entrepreneurial career. The WORLDFACTORY achieves this with the help of the “RUBpreneurs” – people at Ruhr-Universität Bochum who support founders, assist start-ups and open doors to the real world in many different ways.

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Start-up consultancy

Start-up consultancy is only something for people with a definite plan for their future? Wrong! It is meant to point out opportunities and facilitate decisions. In the initial consultation, you will get answers to all the questions you might have about founding a business; professional advisors will help you to find your way in the unknown universe and to sort out your ideas.

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You’ve heard that you need start-up capital to start a business? Even if you don’t have a rich family or a well-fed piggy bank, you can still become an entrepreneur. Especially for research start-ups, there are many funding options – including some that you don’t have to pay back! Even if you don’t have a definite business idea, we’ll be happy to advise you on the matter of “start-ups and finance”.

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Many ideas have to be tested in practice. But who can do any sawing or milling in a shared flat or in student halls? 3D printers or a VR studio rarely feature in a student household, either. The RUB-Makerspace offers you the opportunity to use all this equipment and more to build models and prototypes. Because an ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory!

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Female Academic Entrepreneurs

FACE @ RUB is a platform for students and young academics interested in founding a company. Here you can exchange ideas with like-minded people, make contacts with experienced founders and talk to experts.

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