There is a lot going on at the WORLDFACTORY. We offer many events that will help you and your business idea grow. Whether it’s about working out your business plan, preparing for a pitch or looking for the perfect addition to your team at a networking event: every event brings you valuable knowledge and new contacts.

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Start-up consultancy

Do you already have a detailed plan or just a draft idea? Wherever you are in the start-up process, we will meet you there and support you step by step until you enter the market. Our coaches assess the potential of your business idea and help you protect your intellectual property. The consultancy is personalised and tailored to your needs so that you can systematically expand your knowledge and your network.

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Find your mentor!

You come out of university and dive into a completely new world: the universe of start-ups. Find a person who is not only a coach, but also a sparring partner for your start-up – a person with entrepreneurial experience, technical expertise and valuable contacts in your target industry, in short: a mentor! We will gladly help you with the matching process and support you through an exciting year together.

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Do you need money to continue refining your idea? Science start-ups in particular often require considerable investment. But worrying about the necessary cash should not dissuade you from your plans. Let’s talk about it! Whether it’s a cash injection from the state, money from the bank or equity capital – we know all the options for financing and can advise you on which form suits you and your project best.

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Together you work less alone, thought those people from Ruhr-Universität Bochum who set up a co-working space in the Uni-Forum Ost (UFO) in 2016. The collaborative concept is bearing fruit: it fosters creativity, the development of networks and the courage to present and refine ideas.

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Do you have an idea in mind for which you need the feedback of an expert? Do you need a lab or special equipment to implement your project? The WORLDFACTORY’s specialist Incubators offer both: expertise from cutting-edge research in various fields of knowledge as well as premises and infrastructure for your research.

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The WORLDFACTORY boasts a huge experimentation area in the O-Werk – with workshops for a wide range of materials, digital workshop and electronics lab, prototyping lab and creative space with VR, photo and film studio. You can use all this to turn the idea in your head into an idea you can touch. Find out how in our workshops. By the way, the MakerSpace also offers room for co-working and presentations.

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Have you developed an idea that you believe is unique? We help you to identify the potential of your invention and support you in protecting your intellectual property. In collaboration with an agency for the professional management of intellectual property rights, we guide you through the entire process – from invention disclosure to patent application.

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Worldfactory international

Think big! Every start-up begins on a small scale, but some ideas revolutionise the world market. The global networks and partnerships of the WORLDFACTORY connect researchers and companies all over the world – for research and transfer without borders. Let your innovative spirit guide you, and think outside the box with the WORLDFACTORY international programme!

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