You no longer need help with your start-up, but rather the assessment and support of someone with practical experience? Join the WORLDFACTORY Monitoring scheme! We’ll match you with a sparring partner with entrepreneurial experience, expertise in your sector and valuable contacts. What you’ll get is a critical and constructive exchange of views between equals!

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Do you already have all the competencies you need to manage a growing company, successfully acquire new business, manage projects and lead a team? If you still want to work on individual skills or on personality development, you will find many support options at the RUB. On your way towards your own company, the RUBpreneurs are there to help you in word and deed.

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The WORLDFACTORY offers a wealth of events to share knowledge, promote transfer and exchange and establish networks. You can select the modules that will help you in your project – for example, a workshop on IP strategy (IP = “intellectual property”). Or a joint project with experts from Ruhr-Universität. We are happy to advise you on which offers are right for you.

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Start-up consultancy

You have made an ingenious invention and are now looking for ways and means to launch it on the market? Then why not talk to the WORLDFACTORY coaches! Our start-up consultancy is individually tailored to your level of knowledge and your requirements. The coaches support you in protecting your intellectual property and provide you with professional support, space and infrastructure to systematically push your project forward.

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Your idea has to remain your own, because it is the asset of your company! That’s why it’s important to protect your intellectual property. The WORLDFACTORY team is familiar with patents and other intellectual property rights. We assess the uniqueness of your invention, determine its potential and support you throughout the entire process, from invention disclosure to patent application.

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Would you like to really step on the gas and focus entirely on your project, but you can’t afford to do that? In order to advance science projects, significant investments are often required. Come and talk to us about your ideas! We’ll elaborate the opportunities and risks of different forms of financing. Together we will find a model that suits you and your plans – while you’ll remain in the driver’s seat!

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Does your innovative spirit know no limits? Then the “WORLDFACTORY international” programme is perfect for you: with global networks and partnerships, it creates the ideal conditions for worldwide research and transfer. Working together under the umbrella of the WORLDFACTORY gives all participants more visibility on the world stage – including you and your project.

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The WORLDFACTORY boasts a huge experimentation area in the O-Werk – with workshops for a wide range of materials, digital workshop and electronics lab, prototyping lab and creative space with VR, photo and film studio. Here, you can optimise your product and even make it into a mini-series. By the way, the RUB-Makerspace also offers room for co-working and presentations. Turn it into a launch pad for your start-up!

Turn it into a launch pad for your start-up!


Is your project in a field that requires a lot of expertise? Then you’ve come to the right place! The WORLDFACTORY network has people with whom you can discuss and develop your project. In the specialist Incubators, you will find expertise from different fields of knowledge and an excellent infrastructure that you can use for your work.

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